Sun-Times Food: Everything Old Is New Again

Because we are feeling particularly editorializing-y today, our comments follow in italics. Beware, newspaper writers, our wrath!

• Sick of plain old cow burgers? Bison is the hip, healthy new meat! (This was news in, like, 1994. It went hand-in-hand with the introduction of ‘za as a [failed] shortening of “pizza.”) [S-T]

• Oh hey, Rick Bayless is getting some kind of award. Choice quote: “His life is so varied … he dances, does yoga…” (Mental image! Mental image!) [S-T]

• Starbucks is planning to roll out a new, lower-calorie breakfast menu starting September 3. The impetus is twofold: one, the are having a horrible year and hope this will affect the bottom line. Two, CEO Howard Schultz got a talking-to from his doctor. (This is like when your mom feels fat and so she puts the whole family on a diet. Thanks, Howie!) [S-T]

• Chilled soup: it’s a summer-appropriate food! So says chef Christophe David of NoMI, who wrote this piece. (Remember when Christopher Borrelli wrote about this exact topic for the Trib a few weeks ago?) [S-T]

[Photo: Delicious, delicous bison, via that_owl’s Flickr]


Sun-Times Food: Everything Old Is New Again