Sun-Times Food: Amusing!

• An examination, dissection, history, and plaudit to the amuse bouche: that little bite-sized tidbit served gratis before the first course. Fun fact not found in the article: it is by and large our favorite facet of the dining out experience! [“Good things come in small packages”]

• The new crop of frozen yogurt vendors like Starfruit aren’t just glossy, trendy, and delicious; they’re also (quite possibly) good for you! They claim their fro-yo contains live and active cultures, which can be beneficial to digestive health. [“Latest frozen yogurt touts true health benefits”]

• Trisha Yearwood wrote a cookbook. (So, btw, did Vincent Price.) Now you, too, can learn how to cook for Garth Brooks! We jest here, but we know that our roommate would swoon a dozen times over this. [“Southern exposure”]

• Did you hear about this restaurant opening in Aurora? Chronic? Embryonic? Histrionic? Actually to be fair the S-T used a pretty awesome punning headline. [“Sonic vroom”]

• Chocolate-covered bacon! Is a thing! That can be eaten! [“Everything, yes, even chocolate, tastes better with bacon”]

[Photo: Chocolate-covered bacon from Bleeding Heart Bakery, which is not mentioned in the article for some unfathomable reason, via Bleeding Heart Bakery’s Flickr]


Sun-Times Food: Amusing!