State Liquor Authority Snuffs Out Bad Karma

The State Liquor Authority has stripped Karma of its liquor license. No, not the East Village hookah lounge — we’re talking about a spot in the Bronx that, by all accounts, is even grimier! According to, the venue promised to open as a classy restaurant — nine months later it had racked up eleven liquor-law violations, including “engaging in and/or suffering or permitting the storage, possession, use and trafficking of marijuana” and “suffering or permitting an altercation and/or shooting to occur on the licensed premises.” One patron even flashed a piece and threatened the life of a reporter.

Folks, take a look at the not-entirely-safe-for-work YouTube clip and you’ll see — no matter what the SLA says about Death & Co., this is what a restaurant masquerading as a club looks like. Unless there was a Death & Co. booty dance competition we missed?

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State Liquor Authority Snuffs Out Bad Karma