Stalking The Elusive Owl

A post on the BA Foodist about the increasing scarcity of Hitachino Owl beer made our hearts stop a little. You know the one we mean! The delicious Japanese beer in the super-stylized (and yes, adorable) owl bottle.

According to the post, the totally delightful beer has become more popular among beer lovers, but the production has not gone up. There is a (gasp!) shortage from Santa Monica to New York, and although we haven’t tried to buy a Hitachino recently, it would be bad news indeed if stock was depleted in Philly as well.

Scouting out restaurants using the handy Find-A-Food Search function on MenuPages led to the discovery that Hitachino is at least on the menu at National Mechanics, Apothecary, and North Third, to name a few.

And if all else fails, there’s always the Foodery, right?

National Mechanics [MenuPages]
National Mechanics [Official Site]
Apothecary [MenuPages]
Apothecary [Official Site]
North Third [MenuPages]
North Third [Official Site]

[Photo: ellessu/flickr]


Stalking The Elusive Owl