Some of Scott Sartiano’s Best Girlfriends Are Asian

Sartiano with Jamie-Lynn Sigler.
Sartiano with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Photo: Noah Kalina

Steve Lewis weighs in today about two nightlife fiascos involving his friends and associates. First he hears from owner Mark Baker regarding Mansion and Pink Elephant’s bankruptcy filing. Lewis and Baker insist it has to do with Crobar’s mountain of debt, and that Mansion won’t be affected, since it made close to a million dollars a month even in the summer doldrums. So! That brings us to the lawsuit accusing Scott Sartiano of firing non-white waitresses from 1Oak. Lewis’s defense of Sartiano gets up-close and personal.

Scott took an Asian girl to his formal. I’ve met her, I talked to her the other day. My ex, Kelly Li, 100% Asian, enjoyed a great relationship with Mr. Sartiano. We went horseback riding, had dinners, took weekend trips with him — and race was a non issue. Scott’s had a well documented relationship with half Cuban Jamie Lynn Sigler. In a headline grabbing incident, Christian Curry threw Scott through a plate glass window. It was a jealous rage over a girl Scott was dating and Christian wasn’t anymore. The girl was black. I know Scott dated at least one other Asian girl a couple of years ago. He really liked her. It didn’t work out and he was quite upset over it.

Apparently, Sartiano is planning to counter-sue. Will his exes, along with his buddy Russell Simmons, be called as witnesses? Let’s hope he’s still on good terms with them.

The Sky is Falling! [Good Night Mr. Lewis]

Some of Scott Sartiano’s Best Girlfriends Are Asian