Serious Eats Rounds Up The Best

Over at Serious Eats, Ed Levine and crew are launching what they’re calling The Serious Eats City Guides — a roundup of the essential eating experiences in food cities nationwide:

In every decent-sized city there are essential eating experiences, bites every serious eater should avail themselves of should he or she find themselves there. Here at Serious Eats we thought it would be fun to post guides to essential eating experiences in cities all over the world.

The premiere roundup is (sigh, of course) New York, but we can only imagine that Chicago is not far behind on the docket.

Now this is a best-of list we are absolutely dying to see.

Serious Eats City Guide Premiere: New York (How to Leave Here Pleasantly Full) [Serious Eats]


Serious Eats Rounds Up The Best