Scott Conant Ponders the Might-Have-Beens on ‘Nightline’

He might have been
He might have been “Mr. Scotty.” Photo: Melanie Dunea

Scott Conant of Scarpetta gets the “Plate List” treatment on Nightline Friday night and we expect a good show, considering he’s one of the best interviews in the business. Nightline gave us a little preview:

Conant: “When I was 15 I went to a vocational school and I wanted to get into the plumbing program. Funny enough, I couldn’t get into it, there were too many people that had applied for it. So as a second choice, I chose culinary arts. The third choice was, [pause] I probably shouldn’t say this, [pause] but the third choice was hair dressing. So it was a good thing that I got in [laughs]. I am not a big fan of physical labor. [laughs] So anyway. I think that would have killed my father.”

We’re with you on the physical-labor part, Scotty. But we have no doubt that you would have made a great hairdresser, à la Warren Beatty in Shampoo. We can just see the ladies lining up to visit “Scotty of Soho” now.

Scott Conant Ponders the Might-Have-Beens on ‘Nightline’