Recession Special: Free Pizza And Three Course Dinners

You know how sometimes, a news item will break, and then before you know it, you see something about it every time you unfold a newspaper or scroll through your blog feed? These days, rising food prices seem to be the latest ubiquitous news story. We suppose it makes sense (tanking economy, etcetera), but the sudden flurry of articles on food costs has both taken us aback and heightened our alarm.

In light of this news trend, we’d like to bring your attention to two eateries that are engendering real kind feelings by having some kind of complimentary grub deal.

• Home Slice, a yet-to-open pizza parlor, is having a pizza slice giveaway tomorrow night (that’s Wednesday, August 6)! Foodaphilia has already sampled the pie there, and it sounds pretty good, even if one were paying for a slice. The fact that it’s free automatically makes it at least ten times better, right? (Math skills at work!) [Foodaphilia]

• Meanwhile, Pond and Bistro Cassis out in Radnor have a deal in which anyone born in August in a year ending with an eight get an on-the-house three course dinner on 08/08/2008. The menu is up on their site and consists of tuna tartar, sauteed Norwegian salmon, and sorbet for dessert. [The Latest Dish]

Pond [MenuPages]
Pond [Official Site]
Bistro Cassis [MenuPages]
Bistro Cassis [Official Site]

Recession Special: Free Pizza And Three Course Dinners