Do We Even Need Parody Anymore?

From the “Better Late Than Never” file, the “Stereotypes In Action” file, and the “Raise Hand, Slap Forehead” file, comes a story out of Sonoma County about the massive law enforcement response to a robbery at… wait for it… really, it’s worth it… a doughnut store.

According to Bay City News Service, via CBS 5,

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol and Santa Rosa police conducted an extensive search of the area around Sam’s Donuts on Sebastopol Road after the 2:40 p.m. robbery.

Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene within a minute, Lt. Chris Spallino said, but despite a search by a CHP helicopter and by ground units the suspect escaped.

The story got some exposure on the local news outlets, but we only got word when listening to a weeks-old podcast of no less an outlet than NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, where it appeared as a question on “Lightning Fill In The Blank.” Way to make national headlines, Sonoma county law enforcement.

Suspect Sought In Santa Rosa Donut Store Robbery [CBS 5]
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, July 19, 2008 [NPR]

[Photo: Bacon Maple Bar via firepile/flickr]

Do We Even Need Parody Anymore?