Downtown Dilemma: Where Do All the Shoppers Eat?

Today is the first day of our diet. Actually, that’s not true. Today is the first day of our healthier lifestyle.

This comes after 6 months of eating whatever we’ve wanted, with a particular emphasis on this past weekend when we skipped lunch during a downtown shopping spree with Sweetie and ended up overcompensating during early dinner at Little Dehli on Eddy at Mason Street.

What happens in these shopping adventures is simple: You’re downtown doing the shopping thing, trying on and re-trying on, cashing out then going to “one more store” to see if there’s a better/cheaper/bigger pair of pants and the next thing you know it’s 4p.m. The last time you ate was 10:30 in the morning and you find yourself desperately weighing your downtown dining options.

Union Square. Powell Street. Market between 5th and 4th. What do you eat without dropping even more cash? There’s King of Thai Noodle House, the reliable faster-food Thai chain that serves good curry at affordable prices. You can also always go for a spin around the Westfield Mall food court—the newer wing of the mall brings more fashionable foodie options like Askew Grill (serving a variety of tasty and adventurous kebobs and sides) and the counter version of The Slanted Door, Out the Door, open again after being closed for renovations.

But we wanted to sit down to a proper meal and while we wanted food fast (blood sugar levels dropping by the minute as two department store-crazed shoppers wandered from garish tourist café to outlandishly priced tourist restaurant in search of sustenance), we also wanted it to be a decent dining experience.

Little Delhi is affordable Indian food restaurant that serves all of the recognizable dishes (Masalas, Paneers, Naans) without sacrificing taste for price. Do you go here to impress people? Nah. Do you do here when you want pretty good food off, but near the tourist epicenter when you’re downtown? Absolutely. Do you go here when you’re starving and everything on the menu looks good so your order almost everything on the menu? No, because this is why we’re embarking on a new diet.

We had Samosas, Mattar Paneer, Naan, Seekh Kabab, and Papri Chat– homemade chips, garbanzo beans, potatoes, yogurt, & chutney—which tasted like Indian nachos. It was all good, but everything also kind of tasted the same, which we guess is okay since it was good. In any case, we certainly did not need to order that much food for two people, but we did and we ate it all, which should pretty much sum up the experience.

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[Photo via Pargon/Flickr]

Downtown Dilemma: Where Do All the Shoppers Eat?