Positive Eating, Positive Living

We hear mixed reviews of the Boston Wagamama locations - Fanueil Hall and Harvard Square, respectively - particularly in comparison to their locations abroad. But we take what we can get, and frankly, we live here for a reason. We like Boston and we love Wagamama.

Featuring standard appetizers like edamame, miso soup, and gyoza, the main reason to trek to Wagamama is the ramen. We know $12 ramen seems like a stretch, but bear with us here. Fresh chicken and beef adorn these dishes, as do chillies, veggies, and all sorts of savory flavors of broth. Lo mein, soba, and udon round out the menu, as do a wide variety of rice dishes. We tout the idea of “something for everyone” a lot, we know, but this is just one more example of a place that caters to a group of diverse eaters.

Kid-friendly (and sometimes a little overrun with them, we recommend heading over for lunch. Located in touristy spots for a reason, this is still a spot worth trying, if just to say you’ve stopped in.

Wagamama [Official Site]

[Photo: Phil Roman/Flickr]


Positive Eating, Positive Living