Piece Of Cake

We started BootCamp SF (again) last week and for the remining five weeks of the program we have try to remember that it doesn’t matter how many hills we sprint up or how many lunges we do carrying medicine balls–it’s all in vein if we have a morning bun from Tartine with our coffee or macroni and cheese for dinner. But to keep things interesting, most of our thoughts focus on high fat content and cake. Yes, cake. We don’t even really like cake and yet, cake seems to be the only thing we can think about. Well, that and our quads.

To help put our cravings in perspective, we’ve been scrolling through the often hysterical posts on Cake Wrecks . The picture above comes from the “Bring A Whole New Meaning to “Foot in Mouth” post back on July 26 and we’re not sure what’s worse, the fact that the cake was made for a podiatrist or the fact that’s actually supposed to represent Chinese foot binding.

Yum, right? Now if only we can find a blog about macaroni and cheese disasters.

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[Photo via Cake Wrecks Offical Site]


Piece Of Cake