Party Patrol: Chaos Theory Cakes

We really wanted to go to the grand opening party for Chaos Theory Cakes ( 2931 N. Lincoln Ave, 773 2812353), the little sister big brother sibling to Michelle and Valentine Garcia’s awesome & organic Bleeding Heart Bakery. But, sadness & weeping, we weren’t in town. So, speaking of siblings, we sent the next best thing to us: our young, hip brother and sister, and a digital camera. Their thoughts (and photos) on onion cake, among other things (amazingly they managed to refrain from commenting on the Pussy Pirates, the band that provided live entertainment):

At first, one would be baffled by the idea that vegetables can mix well with such a non-Eat-it-or-go-to-bed-still-hungry type of food, like, say, cake.

But the quick-witted among you would jump up and shout, “Carrot cake, you ignoramus!” Carrot cake indeed, participating reader. But once we start down this long, winding path of rooted foodstuffs, where do we draw the line?

The bakers at the newly opened Chaos Theory Cakes on Lincoln Avenue put their fingers in their ears and sing loudly at the mention of such a division. (Well, what do you expect when you run out of ingredients like heavy whipping cream and non-“globally consciously picked” cocoa?) They specialize in vegan and all-organic foodstuffs with creative flavor combos, like the staple Carrot Cake with pineapple slices, which is fairly straightforward and delicious. And then there are more adventurous cakes, like our personal favorite the spicy Avocado Cake (okay, it’s not a vegetable, but darn close enough). It didn’t give you your usual dessert tastes, what with its whole black peppercorns and balsamic vinaigrette ganache, and yet it still managed to taste amazing.

Just as we were stuffing ourselves with meringues of all flavors, we were handed the Onion Cake. Indeed, cake — c-a-k-e — a dacquoise of spinach, slices of onion and green apple, all topped with onion mousse. It sort of tasted like a compressed meal from a Bar Mitzvah luncheon, but in a good way…I guess I just have fond memories of spinach and onion-based meals. Others, sadly, may not find such memories as sweet. Then again, who says dessert can’t be sour or tear-inducing?

That’s the question owners Michelle and Valentine Garcia are trying to answer with the opening of this new bakery. (The husband and wife duo are also owners of the similarly organic and hip Bleeding Heart Organic Bakery, which is known for its scones and scrumptious blueberry-lemon cupcakes.) Michelle describes Chaos as the “adult” version of Bleeding Heart – they added even more complex, inventive flavors, as well as higher-priced fancy tarts, macaroons, and cakes. Of course, if you just want a blueberry cupcake, they’re sorta hidden in the back, but they’re still there. And still quite scrumptious.


We cannot wait — seriously, cannot wait — to get our hands on that onion cake. More photos after the jump!

Individual-sized bites of blueberry-black-pepper dacquoise. Also, if you are a font nerd like us, you can find Chaos Theory’s typeface here, as a free download.

Joe and Lilly are still sleeping off the party (even though it was on Saturday!) so we have no idea what this picture is of. But it looks ridiculously delicious.

The display case, full of magic and happiness.

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[All photos via our brother]

Party Patrol: Chaos Theory Cakes