Ole y Zocalo

We often hear (and join in) the chorus of foodies lamenting the lack of delicious, authentic Mexican food in Beantown. We don’t hate on taquerias, but when we’re seeking a quality meal from chefs who understand Latin American cuisine, we head to one of two places: Ole Mexican Grill or its sister restaurant, Zocalo Cocina Mexicana.

Zocalo (both Brighton and Arlington locations) and Ole have both won awards over the years for their guacamole alone - simple, with fresh ingredients, made on a cart right next to your table. Their menus feature a wide variety of the usual enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, and salads, but everything has its own unique flair. Don’t go expecting mild, uninteresting Tex-Mex. We assure you any of the dishes on these menus will hit the spot more than a cheap empanada to go. The Brighton Zocalo used to have a live mariachi band - we miss it so. Both also have amazing drink menus - check out the pear sangria at Zocalo or an Ole margarita. Traditional tequila never tasted so good. Also check out Sunday brunch, where huevos rancheros and black beans keep everyone smiling…and loosening their belts.

Ole Mexican Grill [Official Site]
Zocalo Cocina Mexicana [Official Site]

[Photo: lucianvenutian/Flickr]


Ole y Zocalo