Ok, Ok, Thursday, We Mean It

Guess what?

Four Barrel Coffee is NOT open today.

Not to boast, but we pretty much called that in a previous post.

We went by this morning to get dibs on our first cup on opening day and were met with a trashcan and black bars on the windows. Of course, the door was open and there were three people chatting behind the counter, but there were motorcycles parked in the entryway and cardboard boxes lining the floors. We weren’t sure what the deal was, but the thing that really tipped us off about today not being the first day of business was the espresso machine hanging out on a table unplugged and not at all ready for service.

We asked the girl behind the counter when they expected to be open.

“Thursday,” she said. Quickly followed by, “Well, depending on other people.”

Cool. Don’t know what that means, but we’ll let you know what happens Thursday.

Four Barrel For Sure Opening? [MenuPages Blog]

[Photo via Alexis Wright]

Ok, Ok, Thursday, We Mean It