Number One By Us

It isn’t hard to find good eats in Beacon Hill, and lucky for us, one is No. 9 Park. Established by renowned Boston chef Barbara Lynch, who has been named the best chef in town (not to mention one of the best in America by Food and Wine magazine), we pretty much love everything she does, from shops like Plum Produce to restaurants like B&G; Oysters.

We head to No. 9 Park for ambiance and French and Italian-inspired cuisine that while delicious, doesn’t have to try too hard. The staff is always professional, the service always just the right pace. Our top recommendations are the Pekin duck or codfish, but we’d also be hard pressed to find anything we didn’t like on this menu, which also changes on occasion. And like any quality chef, veggies rotate with the seasons. If pasta is available, give Chef Lynch’s specialty a try. Reservations are recommended. The candlelit meal will be one to remember, if not one of the best you’ve ever had.

No. 9 Park [Official Site]
No. 9 Group [Official Site]

[Photo: Charles Haynes/Flickr]


Number One By Us