New Foods: Vlaai

This piqued our interest initially because we are a giant nerd and we love words we did not know before. Here’s the word: vlaai. It sustained our interest because we are hungry and its definition sounds awesome: a type of fruit tart or pie dish, from the Limburg region of the Netherlands.

It’s now on the dessert menu at HB Home Bistro, since Joncarl Lachman, the chef, hails from Limburg. The restaurant has this to say:

The traditions of Belgian, French, and German cooking are more pronounced in this cultural crossroads [of this region]. It’s perhaps most evident in the vlaai — as it is much like a traditional French fruit tart.

Fascinating! Delicious! Intriguing! Our cursory google research seems to point to this being like a classic French fruit tart, but with a flaky latticework top.

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[Photo: Vlaaien (plural!), via meffi’s Flickr]


New Foods: Vlaai