More Than A Plain Brunch

We want to initiate a new catchphrase. “Brunch-worthy.” It might seem obvious, but despite the plethora of places to get your brunch on in greater Boston, these acclaimed spots aren’t always up to par. When we need a sure thing, we head to the Plain.

Jamaica Plain has all sorts of cozy bistros and cafes to choose from, but three spots stand out as some of the city’s best brunch spots. Have you ever seen the weekend line stretching from the Centre Street Cafe? Yet the wait can be surprisingly short, and we’ve seen strangers plop down together on more than one occasion, which warmed our hearts. Their mostly vegetarian menu is rounded out by black bean burrito dishes, hearty burgers, and omelets, fresh coffee and juices.

Head down the block to Sorella’s (388 Centre St, (617) 524-2016) if you’d prefer an incomprehensibly large menu of pancakes and more omelets in every imaginable combination. Think the menu itself isn’t big enough? Check out the specials tacked to bulletin boards that line the walls. We recommend sticking with something delicious but not too exotic - chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes, for instance. Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking about it too hard. Whatever you order will be amazing.

And if you didn’t stop between the two, next time take a look at theBon Savor menu. A choice right between these other two famed spots, we dig the great service, fried banana crepes, and cranberry-orange juice. The line tends to be even shorter here, so pick Bon Savor if you’re starving and just can’t wait.

Centre Street Cafe [Official Site]
Bon Savor [Official Site]

[Photo: Dan4th/Flickr]

More Than A Plain Brunch