Montauk Hates Surf Lodge; Olympics Spur Ethnic Eating

• Montauk locals hate the Surf Lodge for the traffic it creates and the celebrities it attracts. There’s even an anti–Surf Lodge bumper sticker. [NYP]

• Servers from Milos have filed a federal suit against the restaurant for allowing other employees to take from the tip pool. [NYP]

• The Greenmarket has suspended an upstate farmer for selling meat he bought and did not raise himself, and now the farming community is in a debate over his actions. [NYT]

• Chinatown is still the go-to destination for seekers of cheap eats. [Serious Eats]
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• No tickets to the Beijing Olympics? No problem: You can still eat the food from the Chinese capital without leaving the five boroughs. [TONY]

• And since you’ll be in town for the games, take advantage of the many bars with Olympics happy hours. [NYDN]

• A new Chinese cookbook features recipes only from the country’s many ethnic minorities. [Slate]

• Chef Alex Garcia of Calle Ocho is packing his bags for the West Coast this fall to be the new chef at L.A.’s Conga Room; Ryan Grant, formerly of ilili, is the new chef de cuisine at Elizabeth. [NYS]

Montauk Hates Surf Lodge; Olympics Spur Ethnic Eating