Maxim Loves Chicago; We Are Already Stirring Up Trouble

What is up, notre petits choux? We write to you today courtesy the powerful internet engines of New York Media, who now own us (body and soul!). We are not ones to foster sibling rivalry (no sir! Just see how often we employ our brother to do our cake-and-ice-cream-eating dirty work!) but we are unwilling to let this opportunity for some good-natured intra-NYM ribbing pass us by.

Namely, this. Maxim magazine’s most recent print issue (Aug 2008) contains their “Food Awards,” and along with the usual deep-fried suspects (bacon cheeseburger served on a Krispy Kreme? So the Maxim demo), New York Mag’s food blog, Grub Street, calls attention to a particular food-ascendant city that is really raising their hackles:

And the biggest slap in the face? New Yorker and Maxim senior editor David Swanson names Chicago the “tastiest city,” thanks to its liquid donuts (Moto), Applewood ice cream (Alinea), prosciutto consommé (Schwa), and foie gras with crushed Pop Rocks (Avenues). And we, in turn, would like to nominate this choice as Most Increasingly Predictable Way to Piss Off Members of the New York Food Media.

We are sort of inclined to point and laugh. But we are also appropriately wary of our new corporate overlords (we, for one, welcome them?) and are not inclined to waggle our foodie booties in their faces just yet. Give us a week, though, and our inhibitions will be down like an analogous thing that goes down which we cannot mention on this family blog. (Hint: it might be your mom!)

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[Photo: Maxim’s August 2008 cover]


Maxim Loves Chicago; We Are Already Stirring Up Trouble