Making Everything About The Wire

Disclaimer: call it cheating if you’d like, as it’s not specifically about Philly dining, but since a) Baltimore doesn’t have a MenuPages blog, b) Philly is the closest MenuPages blog to B-more, c) anything to do with Baltimore sets off little blips on our Wire radar, and d) this may be our only chance to talk about the greatest show in the history of television, we are seizing it.

A really good read, which didn’t pop up on our radar until today, came out in Gourmet a couple of days ago. The piece is about the Baltimore Public Schools (omg, just like on The Wire!) and some dude named Tony Geraci, who is the new top chef for the school system.

It opens up by setting a positively pastoral scene: Geraci meandering through a farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, lovingly plucking ripe tomatoes off the vine, and dreaming up nutritious and delicious sound recipes for the BPS students. We won’t give it all away, but will say that it is encouraging and heartening to read about somehow who cares about food making it his mission to conquer obesity and malnutrition, one delectable school meal at a time.

We just wish that Namond, Michael, Dukie, and Randy could have dug in to the same lunches, although food may have been the least of their problems. We also sincerely hope that other public school systems - like say, ours! - benefit from the same treatment before too long.

“Baltimore’s New School Chef” []

[Photo: lunchbox via moonjazz/Flickr]


Making Everything About The Wire