Lost City Blog Derides the Decline of Korean Delis

Nobody loves old New York more than Brooks of Sheffield, the blogger behind Lost City — even though, it turns out, the guy has only been here for twenty years. But what a twenty years! Looking back, Brooks marvels at how things have changed: The romantic village bistro of his youth is no more, pizza is no longer $1.25 a slice, and buying weed no longer involves going to bombed-out buildings in Harlem. But the greatest change is his attitude toward Korean delis:

I remember being awed by the Korean delis, which — it is difficult to believe now, we’re so used to them — were a newish phenomenon then. The array of fresh, gleaming, polished fruit displayed outside; the dozens of chafing dishes full of various hot dishes, all at amazingly low prices per pound! And you could buy these delicacies at any time of night! The delis seemed magical to me, something not to be found in any other place on earth. Now I find them intermittently convenient and, as far as hot food is concerned, violently repulsive.

Brooks, you need to recapture the ardor of your youth! Just consult our guide to all-night deli buffets, and you’ll see what you are missing out on.

Twenty Years On [Lost City]
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Lost City Blog Derides the Decline of Korean Delis