Like Butter

We have spent the day simultaneously grossed out and fascinated by these butter sculptures of Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson. She’s from Iowa, and to honor her achievements, the Iowa State Fair will be displaying a life-size butter likeness of the Olympian.

This got us wondering: do things like this only happen out in the heartland, or has Pennsylvania ever dabbled in the world of butter sculptures? Turns out, the answer is yes. A resounding yes. There have been butter sculptures on Pennsylvania soil just this past year even (although not in Philly).

The PA Farm Show out in Harrisburg had some beauties up like this butter Liberty Bell:

And this (not-at-all-creepy) butter child:

As far as novelty food sculptures go, these seem alright, but… aren’t there better uses for butter in this world?

[Photo: Butter Shawn Johnson, via Iowa Public Television/Flickr]
[Photo: Butter Liberty Bell, via SoccerGK88/Flickr]
[Photo: Butter boy, via pwbaker/Flickr]


Like Butter