Kuma’s Corner Cares!

Seems like everyone’s put a little love in their heart these days: We did not know this, but apparently after 6pm on the last Friday of every month, the folks at Kuma’s Corner donate all their tips and their salary to a local charity, and owner Mike Cain matches the amount.

For this reason (as well as, we imagine, serving burgers that make full-grown men nervous, and hot dogs with names that cannot be uttered in the presence of ladies), the Sun-Times has seen fit to make Mike Cain one of the 50 people who make Chicago a better place:

Donations have gone to the Chicago Abused Women Coalition, the Paul Green School of Rock and a fund to pay medical expenses for injured Roller Derby star Tequila Mockingbird. Earlier this year, Kuma’s Corner raised $8,700 to help pay bills for Mat Arluck, guitarist of the hardcore band Sweet Cobra, who is going through his second battle with cancer.

“We were starting to do well here,” said Cain, a Melrose Park native. “And you know what? As long as we’re doing well, we might as well give back to the community. It’s important. It’s karma. If you do something good for someone else it comes back to help you.”

By our math, the next Kuma’s Corner charity night is next Friday, the 29th. Will you be there? (Answer: Yes.)

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[Photo: The Kuma’s Corner menu cover, via DROOO’s Flickr]


Kuma’s Corner Cares!