José Andrés Auditions for Celebrity-Chef Role on ‘Nightline’

How do you say
How do you say “Bam!” in Spanish?

Superstar Washington chef José Andrés was the subject of a Nightline “Platelist” profile on Wednesday, and his performance was nothing short of stunning. Between mugging for the camera; playing for the rafters (“Where is a plate? I DON’T have a plate! What’s going on?! OH!!!”); and spouting off a would-be catchphrase (“Beheyutiful!”), it was either the best, or worst, audition for celebrity chefdom we’ve ever seen. Whether you could watch him for more than two minutes without getting exhausted is another story; but at the very least, you have to respect a man who tries to make a cheesesteak with a blowtorch and then offers the hideous result to the camera to taste.

Nightline Platelist: José Andrés’ Spanish Cuisine [ABC]

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