It’s 2am, Do You Know Where Your Meal Is?

The bars have closed. The alcohol in your stomach is crying out for greasy food to curb the hangover that will greet you when you raise your head tomorrow morning. What’s the solution? Clearly, it’s the oversized slice of pizza served everywhere from little pushcarts to hole in the wall restaurants where standing room only is par for the course. Unfamiliar with this craze? Well here’s our tutorial on the late night slice, a topic with which we happen to be very experienced.

Beacon Hill offers multiple locations for the late night slice. We enjoy Venice Cafe, on Cambridge Street, due to the fact that their slices look like almost half of a Domino’s Pizza. Also, there’s rarely a late night line, for those who favor instant gratification. Also on Cambridge is Felcaro Pizzeria, with its friendly staff yelling orders and tossing your pizza on thin paper plates like frisbees. Hey, it’s not the Ritz, but it’s delicious.

Now for our personal favorite of late night pizzerias: Little Stevie’s Pizza, located in Berklee territory around Symphony but walking distance from the Boylston Street bars. It’s not unusual to see lines out the door circa 2:30 am on weekend nights, but that’s all for good reason. The slices are gigantic, yet the perfect cushion to absorb those last few tequila shots you swore you weren’t going to indulge in.

So if you’ve already blown your diet by hoovering down seven margaritas, walk around the corner and grab a slice. That healthy salad in your fridge can wait for tomorrow’s lunch break.

[Photo: Cafe Quattro Boston]

It’s 2am, Do You Know Where Your Meal Is?