HuffPoChi Is Born Today

We were all set to be kind of cranky and critical (us? cranky and critical? never!) about today’s launch of The Huffington Post: Chicago, but then three things stood in our way:

1. Gale Gand, co-owner of TRU and one of our personal culinary heroes, is rumored to be contributing to the site, and we are really psyched to read what she has to say.

2. Mike Doyle of Chicago Carless is already contributing to the site, and we like him very much.

3. They link to us on the homepage, and because we are giant balls of ego, that makes us feel better about just about everything.

Welcome to the neighborhood, HuffPo! Now start paying your bloggers.

HuffPost Goes Local: Introducing HuffPost Chicago [HuffPoChi]
TRU [MenuPages]
TRU [Official Site]
Chicago Carless [Official Site]

[Photo: Banana crepes at Tru, where Gale Gand is exec pastry chef, via yumminthetummyblog’s Flickr]

Bonus #4: “HuffPoChi” is really fun to say out loud, especially if you say it “hufPOchee.”

HuffPoChi Is Born Today