How Green Does Your Garden Grow?

We hope you got a chance to check out the May article about Greensgrow Farm in the New York Times, because it was a really terrific read. We were happy to see Greensgrow get credit for all of their success, but it’s worth noting that while they may be the most famous and commercially successful farm in Philly, they are by no means the only agriculture happening within city limits.

In fact, Philly is something of a pioneer when it comes to urban gardening, because in addition to the multitude of community gardens throughout the city, we also have quite a few farms. It’s a victorious and commendable blend of grassroots activism, greening of the city, reclamation of abandoned lots, and for our purposes, yummy organic vegetables - grown locally, of course.

Some of the other top-dog farms include Somerton Tanks Farm, Mill Creek Farm, and Weaver’s Way Co-op Farm. Our winner for “Farm Most Likely To Be Made Into An Inspirational Movie” is The Seeds for Learning: Martin Luther King High School Farm, which operates out of MLK High School. The farm employs student workers who learn about sustainable growing practices and entrepreneurship. Not only do all of these farms grow sustainable crops and encourage community participation, they also all operate farm stands, so that anyone in Philadelphia has access to their crops of tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and much more.

Where Industry Once Hummed, Urban Garden Finds Success [NYT]

[Photo: Andrew Morrell/flick]


How Green Does Your Garden Grow?