Happy National Cherry Turnover Day!

National Cherry Turnover Day

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There are some lies happening in this video (there is NO WAY that cherry turnovers are better than PB&J;, or apple pie for that matter), but these qualms aside, it’s nice to see a slightly underdog pastry get some chops. After all, although tasty, the turnover is no danish, muffin, or even scone in terms of breakfast food popularity.

We’ve long been curious about how these national food holidays came to be, especially since there seems to be one for every day (for example, National Banana Lover’s Day and National Whiskey Sour Day bookend National Cherry Turnover Day). Also, how is each specific date chosen to celebrate National [insert food in question] Day: what is it about August 28th that makes it oh-so-very-cherry-turnover, as opposed to August 29th?

After some digging, it turns out that each day is designated by Presidential decree. A food gets picked for a national day after lobbyists, trade associations, and a whole other host of special interests petition the President to sign off on a national food holiday. Surprise, surprise, this whole phenomenon seems to be a peculiarly American happening.

So, while you bite into your celebratory cherry turnover today (or not), you can once again thank your lucky stars for capitalism, without which we would never have national food holidays. Oh, and ps: today is also Dream Day, to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream,” which seems timely for this week.

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Happy National Cherry Turnover Day!