FYI: Your Donations Are Not Needed Here

• The UN begins a $214 million program to provide food in 16 “hunger hotspots” around the world. [AFP]

• Despite the many recalls, the head of the USDA says all is well. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

• And you thought inflation here was bad — Venezuelans are dealing with 33 percent inflation on food, and the government just raised prices again. [BBC News]

• Some backyard gardeners in Connecticut tried to donate some of their extra veggies to an organization that feeds the needy. Turns out they can’t; all food must come from “approved sources” to avoid unknown health problems. Because e. coli is never found in grocery store veggies. [Newsday]

• Sudan, which has the potential to be the “breadbasket of Africa,” is exporting lots of food while at the same time receiving tons of food aid from other countries. Meanwhile, those in Darfur starve. Something’s wrong here. [NYT]


FYI: Your Donations Are Not Needed Here