FYI: Needs and Wants

• A U.S. food aid shipment has arrived in North Korea; it’s just one load out of 500,000 tons of food promised. [AP]

• Potato chip and french fry manufacturers are lowering their levels of acrylamide, a possible carcinogen, to avoid CA labeling laws. [LA Times]

• New food trend 1: Cafeteria theft! Fairfax, VA estimates it lost $1.2m to school-age fruit swipers. [WaPo]

• New food trend 2: Pharmacognosy. That’d be the study of naturally-derived medicines, like ginger, turmeric, etc. [MLive]

• Ted Allen’s new TV show, “Food Detectives,” isn’t off to a promising start. Thank heaven for Alton reruns. [NYT]


FYI: Needs and Wants