FYI: Nature At Work

• Aspiring reality TV show contestants are advised to pull on their fats pants and their running shoes! The Food Network is set to run “Eat the Clock,” which can be summed up as competitive eating meets “The Amazing Race.” [Reuters]

• Wild Maine blueberries may be about as “wild” as a lion in a zoo, but that doesn’t stop them from being full of complexity, both in taste and within the species. [NYT]

• To catalog under ‘nature is neat-o’: chile peppers produce their own pesticides as a means of fending off toxic fungi. [LA Times]

• This weekend bore more sad news for the fishes, with some few hundred found dead in Rhode Island. [Boston]

• Chinese officials have cracked down on streets vendors, but it’s still possible to sample local delicacies in Beijing. Think sea horses, bee cocoons, centipedes, and deep fried scorpion. [Toronto Sun]


FYI: Nature At Work