FYI: But What Will Students Sled On Now?

• In a food-recall heavy summer, another one! This time it’s Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets that consumers should avoid, at the risk of biting down into plastic. Mmm. [Market Watch]

• North Korea has created a new soy and corn based noodle to combat hunger problems. The noodles have more protein and fat and “delay feelings of hunger.” [BBC]

• Some colleges and universities across the country are eschewing plastic trays in their cafeterias for reasons of being “green” and “not wasting water.” The number of broken dishes does not seem to have gone up… yet. [AP]

• Hey, have you heard about that economy? In another sign of end-times, school lunch prices are also going up! [NYT]

• Healthy food prices are not just a US problem: fresh produce is a luxury item for Aboriginal communities in Australia. [ABC News Australia]


FYI: But What Will Students Sled On Now?