Four Barrel For Sure Opening?

The Four Barrel Coffee opening continues to loom near and yet, hasn’t Jeremy Tooker’s (Ritual Coffee) new promising roastery and espresso bar been set to open in the next two weeks for the past couple of months?

As of today we were told that it’s scheduled to open Monday, August 18. Not to be too cynical, but we’ll believe it when we see it. In the meantime, you can still sample a short list of café favorites down the Caledonia alley off of 15th near Valencia, bringing to mind a certain other popular local roaster’s humble beginnings. Here’s what you can get now:

Coffee: $2
Espresso: $2
Americano: $2
Latte: $3
Cappuccino: $3

They’re not roasting yet so they’ve been serving espresso from Stumptown, the renowned boutique coffee house in Portland, Oregon. Eventually, when 4 Barrel opens for reals they’ll be roasting their own bean and there’s talk of stocking a few pastries. Things not on the opening checklist? A full menu or Wi-Fi. To which we say, “Cool beans;” sometimes you just gotta do what you do best.

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[Photo via Alexis Wright]

Four Barrel For Sure Opening?