Food In Our Metropolis

With a name like Metropolis, you might expect something loud, bustling, slightly gentrified, obnoxious? Then you’d be wrong on this one.

The South End’s Metropolis Cafe is one of our favorite brunch spots in the area. Salads of endive and arugula get everyone started off right, followed by fluffy pancakes, grits, and huevos rancheros. They use real maple syrup. The waitstaff are pleasant and even for a small place with a line out the door, you never feel rushed. Dinner is a treat with dishes like asparagus tartar - even if you love the steak or tuna version, we suspect this will win you over. We also recommend any pasta dish they’ve concocted. Beer and wine only, but we can’t complain on that count alone. Worth stopping in for an intimate dinner with a friend or loved one. We’re sure this won’t disappoint.

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[Photo: Festivus Gastronomicus]


Food In Our Metropolis