Figs Are Big on SF Menus

We went to the market last night after work and fell down the rabbit hole that is the fresh produce section.

Safely home with our bounty, we promptly pulled out the grill pan and fired up some grilled peaches and grilled figs with goat cheese and prosciutto and then popped some sweet potatoes in the oven for later in the week.

Everything was great, but our focus stayed with the figs mainly because we are officially in the second fig season of the year and every menu in town will have a fig and prociutto listing until this season is over in October.

If you love figs like we do, but get tired of the now standard goat cheese and procuitto paring we suggest checking out some other fig options that we’ve seen on SF menus past and present.

Rosamunde sausage grill always has the duck and fig sausage that we can’t get enough of (yes to mustard and yes to sauerkraut) and we hear that the newly reopened and revitalized Zare at Fly Trap has a goat cheese cheesecake accompanied with fresh figs. But undoubtedly, our favorite fig encounter has been the random burger we had at Thee Parkside topped with both mustard and figs and even without procuitto, goat cheese or duck, that fig combo was damn good, leaving us to wonder why we don’t top our burgers with figs more often.

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Thee Parkside [Official Site]

[Photo via charitygirl/Flickr]

Figs Are Big on SF Menus