Eat The Fall Fashions

Remember a little while ago when we got all huffy about the trend of bacon in and on everything? There was that bacon bra that Serious Eats got all gaga over, and of course there is Hats of Meat, which doesn’t confine itself to bacon.

Well, all pork products aside, there is something really fun about edible clothing, probably because it’s so gross, but, you know, right there, just begging for you to taste it and get body hairs stuck between your teeth. And today, Serious Eats came back on itself and showed us the tofu bra, for the vegetarians.

So we thought this would be a good time to see what other food clothes are out there, underwear and otherwise. We found a bunch of good stuff, including this cupcake dress (via Picture This):

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You know, there seems to be a huge market for weird brassiere ingredients, such as these chocolate numbers (via

And, naturally, a cheese bra (via la_mala1/flickr):

We had a really hard time finding any men’s clothing for the snacking, be it bacon, tofu, chocolate or other. There was a bacon tie, but it was a print. We did come across this little gem, however. Yeah, it’s, um, totally for real (via

Tofu Bra [Serious Eats]
Bacon Bra [Serious Eats] [Official Site]

Eat The Fall Fashions