Dorrian’s Is Still a Preppy Pick-Up Joint

The Preppy Killer.
The Preppy Killer. Photo: Charles Eckert / Polaris

With Robert Chambers, the Preppy Killer, going back to jail, the Observer checks up on Dorrian’s Red Hand. The title of the piece, “Dorrian’s Gay,” would seem to imply the saloon’s demographics have changed, but not the case, it turns out: It’s still a Wasp pick-up joint where even the bouncer wears Nantucket reds. Perhaps the most interesting observation comes from a panhandler outside of the bar.

“I came down and stopped at Elaine’s and there was nothing happening,” he recalled on a recent Wednesday night. “Everybody there were snobs, noses up in the air,” Mr. Miles said, mimicking a look of disdain.

So Mr. Miles wandered a few blocks downtown to Dorrian’s, where the “people are more real” and has been there every night since, earning about $30 to $40 on weekend nights and $25 to $30 on weeknights.

The real question is how well would this guy do outside of Bar Martignetti.

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Dorrian’s Is Still a Preppy Pick-Up Joint