Details Does Right By Philly Food Carts

We’ve become all too ready to experience outrage when we read national food story pieces or best of lists. Philly just doesn’t make the cut as often as we’d like it to (that would be every single time)! So, it was with GREAT trepidation that we clicked on this item about street cart food from Details.

Fear not though! The universe is working right today, and Yue Kee is one of only ten carts (from nine cities) to get mention! Also, “esteemed chefs in six cities” get to weigh in on their most beloved street foods, and Jonathan McDonald (of Snackbar chops) favors Nick’s Breakfast at 19th and Walnut. (Those aiming to eat like a celebrity chef should order the egg and cheese with raw onions and mustard.)

Snackbar [MenuPages]

[Photo: Yue Kee’s chicken and broccoli via Details]


Details Does Right By Philly Food Carts