Delta Dining Dash

If Mike Nagrant’s teardown of Yats yesterday put you off your Cajun & Creole, put it back on! Centerstage has a full day’s Delta dining itinerary that goes nowhere near the place.

Highlights include uber-authentic chicory coffee at Ba Le Bakery, gumbo at Lagniappe, and beans and rice at Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop (that location allegedly won’t be there for long, so definitely try to hit it up).

The only element of this roundup with which we take issue is author K. Tighe’s claim that “Every year around this time, I find myself longing for a trip to New Orleans.” Dude. It is August. We have been to New Orleans in August, and it is only with great effort that we live to tell the tale: Around this time of year, entering that city is like stepping into a sauna on full blast while wearing seven layers of winter clothing. We are as in favor of going to New Orleans and eating until we lose consciousness as the next gal, but not in August. We are not insane.

Chi-Town Bayou [CenterStage Chicago]
Ba Le Bakery [MenuPages]
Ba Le Bakery [Official Site]
Lagniappe [MenuPages]
Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop [MenuPages]
Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop [Official Site]

[Photo: Dixie Kitchen’s Southern Sampler, via sutton hoo’s Flickr]


Delta Dining Dash