DeathMatch: Mike Gebert vs. Ed Levine

When we reported yesterday that Serious Eats is launching a city-by-city eating roundup, Mike Gebert was skeptical of Ed Levine’s ability to impartially assess the best Chicago has to offer. After all, Levine is a dude who famously asked, “Is Chicago pizza really more of a casserole?”

Not one to stand for such gastronomic sacrilege (seriously!), Gebert decided to take matters into his own hands, issuing a best-of-Chicago in the scant few hours between leaving his first comment on our post, and, um, leaving his second one.

Read it here. We can’t say we agree with all his choices (really, is there ever unanimity when pizza is involved?), but we certainly applaud his gumption.

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[Photo: Gebert vs. Levine (but who is who?!) via hans_s’s Flickr]


DeathMatch: Mike Gebert vs. Ed Levine