DeathMatch: Mike Gebert vs. Ed Levine; ROUND TWO

Oh snap, indeed! Serious Eats responds to Gebert! Burgermeister Adam Kuban clarifies that the SE team realizes Ed’s blind spot when it comes to Chicago pizza — that’s why they have Daniel Zemans (of Chicago Pizza Club, among other things) doing their Chicago pizza reviews. Kuban goes on:

I don’t think what Ed made clear is that, for upcoming Serious Eats City Guides, we’ve been working with local writers for their take. So future City Guides will be every bit as authoritative as Ed’s was with New York.

“Authoritative” is a word we use cautiously in the world of “best-of” food roundups, due to that whole de gustibus non est disputandum thing (we are smart, we use latin). But Kuban does give Gebert — one of Chicago’s ur-foodies, and possibly the most apropos guy we’ve got to take on Ed Levine — the props he deserves:

I’d feel confident working my way through [Gebert’s list], given his background.

Thank you, Adam. The City of Chicago appreciates your excellent taste in professional food-eaters!

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DeathMatch: Mike Gebert vs. Ed Levine; ROUND TWO