Craving: Mac And Cheese On The Mainline

The rainy weather and cooler nights are making it seem downright fall-like this week. (Well, almost). Mac and cheese - a food we would have scorned just last week - suddenly seems timely, and man, oh man, do we want some today. We know plenty of great options in the city, but where can those of us in the ‘burbs go for their mac and cheese fix?

• If you are looking for a soul food or barbeque take on the dish, Bridgeport Rib House is likely to satiate your hankering. This mac and cheese is just about as creamy as it comes.

• Guys. The lobster macaroni and cheese at Stella Blu is probably going to start haunting our dreams. Cheese, carbs, and lobster? Why those are three of our favorite foods! We’re thinking that there is no way for something like this to be a miss.

• Okay, so we’re cheating and listing a place that is not on the Main Line, but the Connie Mac at Moe’s Hot Dog House is too good to keep from mentioning. At hot dog topped with mac and cheese, it’s pretty much everything we love in this world, conveniently held by a delicious bun.

Bertolini’s [MenuPages]
Bertolini’s [Official Site]
Stella Blu [MenuPages]
Stella Blu [Official Site]
Moe’s Hot Dog House [MenuPages]

[Photo: via ghetto of our mind/flickr]

Craving: Mac And Cheese On The Mainline