Craving: Crepes

We used think they were for kids who couldn’t seem to get over that semester they spent studying abroad, but we’ve realized something about crepes in Boston: they’re amazing. They might not always have that authentic Parisian vibe, but they’re sure filling and pretty easy on the wallet.

Arrow Street Crepes is Harvard Square’s answer to all foods folded. It’s a teeny, sometimes cramped space, but what near Harvard - aside from those massive academic buildings - isn’t? To balance out the scholarly madness, we often opt for The Hippie - green apples and cheddar are a winning combo. Open until 10pm in the H Square, that’s something to smile about.

For lunch down the road in Davis, Mr. Crepe (51 Davis Square, (617) 623-0661) has something for everyone. We know many lament the closing of the Someday Cafe, but we’ve been forced to move on. Namely, ingredients like avocado, Gruyere, bananas and Nutella left us no choice. A great coffee and tea selection round out any crepe-based meal in this rather spacious cafe.

And over in Brookline, Paris Creperie crams a whole lot of goodness into another narrow, awkward space. But we always try to find a seat anyway. The staff are a young friendly bunch who bring your goodies right to your table, and the combo of fresh crepes (we like Lily’s Crepe - asparagus for the win!), fresh coffee, and fun smoothies make this a great spot before or after catching a flick at the next door Coolidge Corner Theatre. Cultured eating and viewing = perfection.

Arrow Street Crepes [Official Site]
Paris Creperie [MenuPages]

[Photo: VirtualErn/Flickr]


Craving: Crepes