Cipriani Beats Out Waverly Inn As ‘Favorite’ Restaurant for ‘Page Six’

Gawker, expanding on its Waverly Inn vs. Da Silvano chart, rounds up the restaurants and clubs that were most often mentioned in “Page Six” over the past six months, and Waverly Inn, surprisingly, is not at the top of the list. That would be Cipriani. Could this be because the Waverly, as far as we know, doesn’t have a publicist feeding celebrity sightings to the Post? After all, the third and fourth hot spots are 1Oak and Tenjune, both repped by Shadow PR. And the next two venues are the Gramercy Park Hotel and Marquee, both repped by Syndicate. Next up is the Plumm, which is notoriously gung ho about placing items. That said, many of the venues on the list (the Spotted Pig, the Beatrice, Socialista, Da Silvano, etc.) don’t lean on outside PR firms, so who knows? Either way, our friends at Syndicate and Shadow are definitely earning their keep.

Page Six’s Favorite Restaurant [Gawker]

Cipriani Beats Out Waverly Inn As ‘Favorite’ Restaurant for