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Cheyenne Diner 2.0 to Have a Beer Garden; ‘Times’ Teases Profile of Graydon Carter As Restaurateur

Clinton Hill: The café Frank White has expanded its menu and hours so you can now chill on its patio until 7 p.m. [Clinton Hill Blog]
East Village: Each patty at Blue 9 Burger “is sprinkled with an adobe seasoning adding a subtle salty garlic flavor to the patty” — and many more details about their popular burgers you may or may not want to know. [Hamburger Today]
Midtown East: Tomorrow’s Times food section will delve deeper into Graydon Carter’s newfound restaurateur aspirations and his revival plans for his latest acquisition, Monkey Bar. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
Crush Wine Co. is offering a ten percent discount on its four brands of absinthe this week, through Friday. [Crush]
Park Slope: Rose Water’s annual Fool’s Pig Roast on August 21 celebrates the restaurant’s first attempt to cook outside when the Health Department showed up after fielding a complaint “that cooking a ‘full animal’ outside on the sidewalk was ‘smoky, disgusting and inappropriate.’” (They weren’t caught, by the way, and haven’t been since.) [Strong Buzz]
Red Hook: In the end, it seems that Cheyenne Diner will be better off when it reopens next spring on Reed Street after relocating from Hell’s Kitchen: The Art Deco greasy spoon “will have waterfront views, a beer garden, and an upgraded menu.” [Brooklyn Paper]

Cheyenne Diner 2.0 to Have a Beer Garden; ‘Times’ Teases Profile of