What don’t we like about Chacarero? Cheap, filling lunch? Check. Simple menu, great on a busy day? Check. Crazy delicious combinations we’d never be able to make at home? Check!

Chacarero is one of those fabled Boston sandwich shops we trek out of our way to find. Once a pushcart, Chacarero now has several locations nestled downtown. This Chilean shop features a simple, solid menu of tasty chicken, beef, or veggie sandwiches, topped with their legendary green beans, avocado, tomatoes, and muenster cheese. Their bread is always fresh and tasty, keeping with a traditional recipe. The lines have been known to stretch around the block, but with so few choices, Chacarero keeps it easy. Luckily, everything is amazing. We’ve even heard breakfast is great - who doesn’t love a little ham & eggs on the go?

Chacarero [MenuPages]
Chacarero [Official Site]

[Photo: Neilmeiser]