Call-Girl-Flaunting Club 205 Is Setting for ‘Hipster Hookers’ Exposé

Club 205's wholesome new image.
Club 205’s wholesome new image.

We found it funny that 205 is using a likeness of Ashley Dupré on its posters, despite being in hot water with the State Liquor Authority. What makes this even more amusing is that in a feature that will appear in the next issue of Radar magazine, titled “Hipster Hookers,” author Jessica Pilot meets one of her subjects, a 28-year-old who works in fashion and makes a killing as a call girl, at (where else?) 205.

I first met Heather (her working name) about a year ago. We were sitting at the same VIP table at a tony New York nightclub called 205 along with some pro hockey players and big-time artists. I had seen her at various parties and recognized her sleek, dark hair and honey-colored skin. I introduced myself, and it turned out we had a lot of friends in common. Heather moves in both fashion and media circles and refers to herself as a “quasi party girl.”

Of course, Heather (who happens to know Dupré) probably wasn’t “on the clock” at 205, though the Plaza’s doorman Fabrizio Brienza told us yesterday that prostitutes are always good for a party. And for that matter, we hear that the photo shoot for the piece occurred not at 205, but at another hipster favorite: the Beatrice! Then again maybe it should have occurred at Marquee: An e-flier sent out by James Coppola promoting a party there tonight reads, “Say my name at the door and walk in all free, like you’re with a pack of Russian prostitutes.” Or American ones, for that matter!

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Call-Girl-Flaunting Club 205 Is Setting for ‘Hipster Hookers’