Cafe Reverie Freshens Up A Bit

We’ve been making our own dinner this week so it was nice to do a little dining out last night.

We met up with a friend at Café Reverie in Cole Valley and in addition to the wonderful weather we were surprised to see a few changes. First, they’ve moved the restroom. No biggie, you might say, but you may be more interested to learn that they moved the restroom to accommodate a kitchen expansion. Which accounts for the menu updates.

The menu is still heavy on breakfast items, salads and sandwiches, but they’ve also added several pasta dishes (the porcini truffle ravioli stood out) and a Tapas menu that includes spanish meatballs, grilled flank steak, and sautéed button mushrooms.

We love breakfast for dinner so we had one of the omelet specials (chicken apple sausage, onions, spinach, sundried tomatoes and jack cheese) and our dining partner had the Chicken Saltimbocca: chicken stuffed with procuitto, mozzarella and fresh sage. The prices, we think, are reasonable considering the rather large portion sizes. Our omelet was $9 and the Chicken Saltimbocca was $11.

The only complaint we had was the time it took to get our food. We acknowledge that stuffing chicken with anything and making it taste good takes time and yes, it is slow food week, but waiting upwards of 25 minutes while watching “everyone else” bound up to the counter to pick up their orders, well, let’s just say it makes for a very jealous stomach.

But for the most part Café Reverie is a pleasant experience. They have a lovely, gardeny, spacious back patio where we waited patiently sipping a gianormous glass of sparkling wine and admiring San Francisco when the sun comes out.

Café Reverie [Citysearch]

[Photo via lil’bear/Flickr]

Cafe Reverie Freshens Up A Bit