Bocuse d’Or Just Got A Little More Philadelphia

It’s been a month since the announcement that Kevin Sbraga, the culinary director of the Garces Restaurant Group, is one of a slim 8 semi-finalists for the Bocuse d’Or competition. As a quick recap, Garces is behind Amada, Distrito, and Tinto. The Bocuse d’Or is basically considered to be the Olympics of food, and whoever prevails in the semi-finals will be part of a team headed by Thomas Keller.

But where were we? Oh, yeah. Kevin Sbraga did Philly proud last month by being selected as a semi-finalist, and will be going down to Orlando in September to compete for a spot on the American team. Today comes the news that of the 12 judges in Orlando (fully half of whom are from New York), one will be Georges Perrier of Le Bec-Fin!

Truly, this is all both most thrilling and most deserved.

(On a tenuously related note, we recommend checking out the Bocuse d’Or website, which has a pretty tremendous video as the intro. The cheering and high-stakes, movie-trailer type music makes it sound like a much different event than it is.)

“Bocuse d’Or Update: the Final Judges Announced!” [Eater]

[Photo: via La Souris Toquée]

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Bocuse d’Or Just Got A Little More Philadelphia